In recent weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from various artists’ and companies about whether we do projects for hire so I thought I’d put together a post clarifying that part of The Cynical Owl.

Yes, we are for hire. When we’re not blogging or making a film ourselves, we are most likely doing a contracted project for another artist or company. I’ll get into the specifics of what projects we take on, but it is important to note that with every project our main goal is to introduce new ways of storytelling.

Our mission statement:

The Cynical Owl LLC is an independent production company that is out to make projects that cling to the bones, dig into the complexity of human emotions and present it in a simple manner.

We are the future of storytelling and push for each project to have a legacy, to incite thought long after the end credits roll. Now onto what projects we do!

Check out the link below of what exactly is involved to bring your stories or art to life! We answer all submissions!

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