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What a truly amazing accomplishment. This company has come such a long way.

Trayvon Martin would have been 18 years old today. Our prayers go out to his family, who I am sure is having a difficult time today.

The Trayvon Martin case hit close to home for the members of The Cynical Owl team which led us to have our film debut  “R.A.G.E” which was based on the Trayvon case. Check it out above.

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January 31, 1977

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the greatness of this pic

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Above is a still image from the film we are running an Indiegogo Page on called SHE. The image above I found interesting because I caught a glimpse of myself  in it, specifically in Desdemona (to the left). She looks scared, curious, and confused while Olivia (to the right) looks like she is ready to have the time of her life. I can’t tell you how many times I felt I been in that position before. Where I want to take the risk but I wonder if I will get hurt and regret it later.

Experiencing new things can be terrifying.  Sometimes you just want to have  “DO NOT DISTURB” tattooed on your forehead. You want to just give off the vibe that you want everyone to fuck off but deep inside you want and crave love. You are hurt and afraid by it but you want it. But what if you truly find someone that has the potential to be everything you want? Do you leave it alone with the possible chance they will go for someone else and you miss your shot forever or do you go for it knowing that you are still hurt from your past? I can’t tell you how many times I made a poor decision in jumping off the “solo” ship before I had a life jacket. Putting your trust into something is scary as fuck. There’s no other way to say it.  Especially if it’s your second, third, fourth time trying to make something work into your favor.

Even career wise you want to believe the people you work with will have help you succeed.  Then one day out of the blue they threw you under the bus and walked off on you. So you are pretty much over partnership and you’re stressing yourself with loads of work. It wasn’t your fault with what happened but you just don’t wanna get let down again and look stupid.  You now officially have a wall up. I know I constantly preach about trying but what if you’re sick of trying though? My best bet is that if you don’t try, you will wind up alone and bitter. You will grow up to be those old people that sit in their porch all day yelling at children to stay away from your property. That’s not a life for me, hell no! Who would want that? I’ll take my chance when it comes to love and my career because experiences make you wiser. Maybe after the incident happened you saw the red flags you didn’t see before. Those signs wouldn’t be clear as day if you never went through it. Am I right? I’ve had every possible disappointment happen to me in my almost 23 years on Earth. I’m still young, I have options and I will make the best ones. Those are just my thoughts that sparked up when I saw the photo…

Now if you wanna see if Desdemona overcomes her fears, join our campaign and help us get this lesbian drama love fest out there for the world to see! Any contribution you give , you get something back along with helping release a great film! Spread the word.

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